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Interactive avatar guides

Our avatars assist and guide the users through various customer service tasks.





Our avatars assist and guide the users step-by-step with voice, gestures, and visuals through a customer service task. This interaction is highly optimized and provides a constant service quality for the users.


The interaction with our avatars relies on fundamental conversation rules that humans constantly use to interact with each other. This results in an intuitive and robust interaction that requires no learning.


Like in every story, our avatars are the protagonist and immerse the users in the interaction with their distinct personalities, signature moves, and spleens. They support and encourage the user and complete tasks as a team.

Voice enabler

Our avatars are a prominent interaction point and enable voice control for various use cases allowing for more efficient input.

Structured data

Our characters collect precious structured data ready to be processed, analyzed, and most importantly, acted upon.


Create your own avatar that fits your use case. Use an existing template or configure your personal guide for your use case.


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The team

Animatico is an ETH spin-off with a team of world-class scientists in the fields of computer graphics, machine learning, and character animation.

Dr. Pascal Bérard

Co-founder / CEO
PhD in Visual Computing
ETH Zurich

Dr. Riccardo Roveri

PhD in Visual Computing
ETH Zurich

Dr. Christian Schüller

PhD in Visual Computing
ETH Zurich

Sven Naef

Chief Business Development Officer
Master in Business Innovation
University of St. Gallen (HSG)

Vojta Kabelka

Deep Learning Engineer
Master in Robotics (Machine Learning & Visual Computing) ETH Zurich

Prof. Dr. Markus Gross

Professor at ETH Zurich
VP of Disney Research

Mr. Andreas Borg

COO & CFO at Custodigit AG

Dr. Thabo Beeler

Co-founder / Technical advisor
Staff Research Scientist at Google